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AI Hype Won't Drive Software Sales in Healthcare

When it comes to AI in healthcare, the potential is boundless, unfathomable, and likely to revolutionize care on many fronts. But just because new applications for AI in healthcare are proliferating at breakneck speed, it doesn’t mean that the industry can adopt them at the same pace. Tech...

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Reporting is Crucial for Building Collaborative Client Relationships

In an agency world prone to constant transformation and change, data has the ability to center and focus our work, allowing us to tune out the static and focus on what’s most important — and valuable — for our agency and our clients. Unfortunately, too many agencies often treat reporting as just a...

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Sales enablement

Post-Conversion Analysis: Digital Engagement Tactics for B2B Companies

By Robert Leonard, Senior Content Specialist Almost half (49%) of DemandGen’s 2020 Lead Nurturing Survey respondents indicated that their lead nurturing efforts need improvement, and only 8% of them claimed their lead nurturing efforts were “excellent.”1 Lead nurturing is a challenge even in the...

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Lead Generation

How B2B Marketers Can Close the Lead Generation Gap With Sales

By Sarah Cielinski, Senior Market Analyst, and Chantel Hall, Marketing Content Specialist A recent Ironpaper survey of of 180 B2B decision makers found that while marketing and sales teams are generally in alignment on successful strategies, marketers were significantly more confident that their...

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6 Smart Account Based Marketing Examples for B2B Companies

Account-based marketing covers a set of strategic tactics to bring in precise leads and accounts into your sales funnel. ABM has become increasingly popular; it enables you to optimize your marketing spend and resources towards fewer leads, increasing the chance of closing qualified sales and...

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Nurturing Sales Leads 101

Sales leads are often expensive to generate, so when you have a lead ready for outreach, you need to nail down the nurture strategy. It's often not as simple as sending a single generic email asking for time on someone's calendar. This impersonal, one-touch method is outdated and will result in...

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Keyword Strategy Mistakes to Stop Doing Now

A keyword strategy is definitely a must-have for businesses that want to generate leads online. In this article, we are going to address some common keyword strategy mistakes that businesses should curb. Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day, according to Internet Live...

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How to Gather Lead Intel With Progressive Profiling

As B2B marketing teams adopt better CRM technology, they can do more advanced things to manage and convert business leads. Read more: What is Progressive Profiling? Progressive profiling is a great tool for growth teams. It allows marketers and sales reps to gather lead information over time. Many...

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HubSpot vs MailChimp: Is HubSpot Really Worth the Money?

As with any large purchase, it’s easy to take the price tag as the most important factor when deciding if the expense is worthwhile. But transitioning from Mailchimp to Hubspot is not just a question of money but also the vision and execution of your overall marketing efforts. Teams that are...

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5 Reasons Content Creators Should Be Looking At Analytics

Content creators might not be in the habit of mining the wealth of analytical data to find clues as to what kind of content they should be planning to write or how well existing content impacts their bottom line. But these numbers, when taken from the right places, tell the story of how your...

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