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The Plague of Production: Why Marketing Teams Get Caught In The Production Trap

By Chris Brunau, Content Specialist Marketing teams who don’t adopt an agile marketing approach may find themselves falling into a production trap. Traditional marketing practices require a considerable amount of planning and production work up-front, and too often they are based on guesswork and...

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Lead Generation

Why Do My Leads Suck? Because You're Not Focusing on Qualified Leads

By Chantel Hall, Marketing Content Specialist, and Lauren Lyons, Senior Analyst and Research Writer While marketing is the most powerful tool businesses have to attract qualified leads, smart marketers can also use it to keep leads that are a bad fit out of the sales funnel. Last week, we showed...

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Lead Generation

Why Do My Leads Suck? Because You Haven’t Defined “Good” Leads

By Chantel Hall, Marketing Content Specialist, and Lauren Lyons, Senior Analyst and Research Writer Before you can begin attracting better leads, you need to have a solid definition of what makes a lead “good.” Relying on salespeople to review and analyze every lead to determine if it’s worth...

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Lead Generation

Do Digital Events Help B2B Companies With Sales?

By Ross Lancaster, Content Specialist Think back to where you were two years ago at your B2B company. Chances are you were working at least some of the time in a “traditional” office space or building. Zoom or Teams calls probably weren’t the default mode of internal team communication, and you...

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Lead Generation

Why Do My Leads Suck? Because Sales and Marketing Aren’t Aligned to the Buyer

By Chantel Hall, Marketing Content Specialist and Lauren Lyons, Senior Analyst and Research Writer There are many reasons that bad leads find their way into your sales funnel, but a fundamental problem for many teams is that marketing and sales do not have a shared buyer definition. Without working...

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How Functional Silos Can Undermine Marketing Team Performance

By Scott Dame, Content Specialist Although their methodologies differ, marketing and sales teams share a fundamental objective: to increase revenue. It’s logical, then, that those teams would share information and align themselves strategically toward their common goals. Unfortunately, this isn’t...

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Lead Generation

Why Do My Leads Suck, and What Can I Do?

By Chantel Hall, Marketing Content Specialist, and Lauren Lyons, Senior Analyst and Research Writer Most salespeople are all too familiar with the experience of spending time working a lead only to realize they’re not a good fit. Their budget might be too small, their business might be the wrong...

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6 Smart Account Based Marketing Examples for B2B Companies

Account-based marketing covers a set of strategic tactics to bring in precise leads and accounts into your sales funnel. ABM has become increasingly popular; it enables you to optimize your marketing spend and resources towards fewer leads, increasing the chance of closing qualified sales and...

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Knowledge Base

Why Now is the Time for Account-Based Marketing in B2B

While B2B companies typically have a good sense of their target market, they often struggle to get in front of the right prospects via marketing channels. A common mistake is pushing out a company-centric message to a generalized audience with the hope that a qualified lead pool finds its way to...

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Why ABM is the Best Marketing Strategy for IoT Companies

By its nature, IoT is a decentralized investment. It crosses traditional organizational barriers and breaks down silos. As a result, IoT often impacts several different departments, ranging from executives to IT and operations. Each stakeholder needs to understand their individual role in an IoT...

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