Top Strategies to Manage Marketing Data Overload And Increase Success Rates

Barriers to digital marketing success among small and medium businesses

Marketing executives can no longer complain that that data derived from marketing technology lacks actionable insight. Instead, with the majority of CMOs embracing new and fast-evolving marketing tech, the outsized concern is feeling overwhelmed due to the amount of data …

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Blog Strategy for Technology Companies, From SEO to CTAs

Blog Strategy for Tech Companies

Blogging is an excellent way for technology companies to generate traffic, increase leads, and showcase industry expertise. And a blog strategy for technology companies pays off. According to Hubspot: Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5X …

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SEO for Technology Companies – Best Practices and Practical Tips

SEO for technology companies - landing page pillar page

Search engine optimization is important for every B2B company. However, SEO for technology companies is especially crucial, because in the tech market, you’re competing against many companies who also have a strong online presence. Your leads are tech-savvy, and in …

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How to Generate Leads for Software Development Projects

Generate Leads for Software Development Projects

To generate leads for software development projects, you must go all-in on a lead generation and conversion strategy. Your ideal customers are searching for solutions online, so you need to be ready with a digital strategy that compels them. It is …

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5 Smart Web Design Tips for Software Companies

generate leads for a software technology project

Software and technology companies often build marketing campaigns where the brand website acts as a central hub and conversion tool. Software company web design tips. How to design a great software company website. Improve marketing and lead-generation for website. Web design for software company.

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5 IT Website Design Best Practices for More Leads

IT website best practices for value proposition statement

When marketing for IT companies, it’s important to move beyond a static “brochure” website — that is, putting company information at the forefront. Instead, you must provide value from the buyer’s perspective in order to generate B2B leads online. By following IT website design best …

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Essential Advice for Your Manufacturing Marketing Strategy

web design tips for software companies - product shots

For industrial companies trying to break into a digital market, there are plenty of opportunities for your manufacturing marketing strategy: lead generation, customer conversion, and brand awareness. However: According to the CMI, only 1% of manufacturing marketing teams rate their marketing …

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7 Crucial Metrics to Measure in a Digital Marketing Audit

digital marketing audit

Is your website measurably driving B2B lead generation, increasing sales opportunities, and deepening engagement with your target prospects? If not, when was the last time you conducted a digital marketing audit? It’s critical to assess web performance and identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. …

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4 Major Business Goals You Can Achieve With a Website Redesign

Nonprofit website value proposition

In the early days of business websites, it was enough to present a static “brochure” online: A quick overview of your business with contact information. But with today’s tools and technologies — like marketing automation, analytics platforms, and digital advertising — your …

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How to Create a Marketing Strategy for Information Technology Services

best practices for an IT marketing strategy

The IT services marketer must become a knowledgeable tech expert. And a marketing strategy for information technology services requires you to understand why your prospects value your solution, too. So, to create an effective plan, marketers must align with sales and product insights to meet …

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15 Important Manufacturing Marketing Trends and Statistics

Digital and content marketing have taken manufacturing companies by storm. And content is a powerful tool to attract manufacturing leads — then convert them into customers. But without tracking the right metrics and testing a variety of channels, you may …

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15 Digital Marketing Trends for B2B Technology Companies

digital marketing audit - content conversion strategy

As technology trends advance each year, redefining buyers’ expectations, so do digital marketing trends for B2B technology companies. So how can tech software, product, and service companies reach buyers with cutting-edge digital marketing trends? Technology marketing executives in the SaaS, IT, and …

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Internet of Things Market Analysis: 20+ Statistics on the IoT Opportunity

IoT market analysis - IT product performance

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at a rapid pace; Intel predicts 200 billion devices will be connected by 2020. Furthermore, the opportunities that comes with IoT are vast. And companies across the globe are investing in this new technology …

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Statistics and Trends for Nonprofit Website Content

nonprofit content marketing percentage

Whether your goal is to increase donations, find new volunteers, spread awareness or promote an upcoming campaign, your nonprofit website content is the place to start. Your online content can do more than tell your story and educate visitors about …

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How to Create a High-Ranking Technology Content Marketing Strategy

technology content marketing hashtags

In the B2B space, you need technology content marketing to attract leads, convert customers, and win over advocates digitally. It’s important to stand out as a thought leader, and you probably want your content to help your website rank in major …

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4 Nonprofit Website Design Best Practices for More Donations

Nonprofit website value proposition

As a nonprofit, your website is critical to your organization’s long-term success. A strong online presence can help you: Raise money Engage new and existing donors Attract supporters Create media opportunities Spread the word about your mission Given that, your …

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Digital Advertising Trends and Forecasts to Watch in 2017

digital advertising spending across worldwide, by type 2013-2019

What are the major digital advertising trends today? We’ve assessed some brand new reports to bring you important trends, tactics, and industry statistics for 2017 and beyond. Digital Advertising Trends: Overall Spend Overall, digital advertising thrives as a popular marketing tactic. Digital …

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HubSpot Campaign Best Practices for Success


HubSpot is a powerful marketing automation software. So as you plan your next big marketing idea, you want to use HubSpot campaign best practices to truly take advantage of this tool: Marketing automation users report three times more leads passed to …

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How to Do a Nonprofit Content Audit (That Doesn’t Take Forever)

Nonprofit content marketers struggle with a few top content challenges, according to the Content Marketing Institute/Blackbaud: Measuring content effectiveness (54%) Producing engaging content (53%) Lack of budget (45%) Producing content consistently (42%) Measuring the ROI of a content marketing program …

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Inbound vs. Outbound: Statistics That Make a Difference

inbound vs. outbound globally

While many organizations use a combination of inbound vs. outbound marketing. tactics, recent 2017 statistics show that the majority of companies are finding success in inbound. But first, what is the difference? Outbound Marketing includes tactics such as ads, direct mails, trade …

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6 Easy Ways to Convert B2B Leads With Your Blog Strategy

blog strategy keyword ideas

A blog strategy puts a ton of work on your marketing team. You need to write (and edit!) constant articles, find or create visualizations, research trends, and analyze results — not to mention promote your work. So it makes sense that …

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How to Make an Impact With Nonprofit Newsletter Content

Top Nonprofit Digital Trends for 2017

Your nonprofit newsletter content is essential to spread news, bring in donations, and keep in touch with advocates. But while having a dedicated person to deploy email would be ideal, many nonprofits lack the time and resources to truly strategize their email …

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6 Myths About a Landing Page Strategy (That Will Actually Kill Conversions)

landing page strategy with many form questions

If you’re like 68% of B2B businesses, you use landing pages to strategically get more leads (Marketo). But just having these pages isn’t enough. Your landing page strategy is extremely important to the success of your website, to lead generation, …

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5 Reasons Your B2B Marketing Campaign is Failing (And How to Fix It)

Generate Leads for Software Development Projects

Sometimes, your B2B marketing campaign won’t “work.” Your traffic or lead goals fall short, your team gets stressed, or you just don’t complete the pieces on time. While many factors can affect your campaign during execution, oftentimes you can pinpoint the …

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What is Microdata, and How Can it Help My SEO Ranking?


If you’re really savvy with SEO, you know that there are different techniques to get your website found in search engines. Many marketers are most comfortable with on-page SEO: creating content for keywords, then optimizing that content (like adding header tags, …

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How to Get $10,000 in a Google AdWords Grant for Your Nonprofit

Google grants for nonprofits - eligibility map

As a nonprofit, exposure to a wide audience is huge. But that can be costly and time consuming. Little known to many nonprofits, there’s an opportunity to shine online: a $10,000 monthly Google AdWords grant. Using this AdWords grant, nonprofits can …

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7 Benefits of Workflow Automation on Your Lead Nurturing ROI

Workflow automation for B2B sales funnels

Workflow automation is the process of automating a repetitive task, so it’s done automatically, not manually. And by using an automation tool like HubSpot or Marketo, you cut resources and time out of your equation. But most importantly, automation can increase your …

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Growth Hacking Strategies to Get More Leads for Your B2B Tech Company


By now, you’ve probably heard the buzz about “growth hacking.” It sounds catchy, but it’s no magic — it’s more of a data-driven science experiment. So what are growth hacking strategies, and how can this method grow your B2B technology …

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5 Data-Driven Ways to Find Successful Blog Post Ideas

blog post idea - social media analytics

You can find tons of techniques in a Google search for blog post ideas. But usually, these include a list of topics that someone else already brainstormed. They may or may not be relevant to your business. So what good are someone …

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How to See Results With a B2B Website Redesign (7 Step Checklist)

Conversion rate optimization tools - Hubspot web grader

A website redesign shouldn’t just improve look and feel of your B2B company. Instead, a redesign must grow your lead database and increase conversions.  According to Kinesis Inc., once your page loads, users form an opinion in .05 seconds, so the pressure …

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