How to Do Content Marketing Effectively (and Earn More Results & Outcomes)

Content marketing is effective for any business that wants to be seen as an industry thought leader, make their website a business-growth driver, improve sales nurturing, and gain visibility with prospective buyers. In fact, content done right can serve many …

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Technical SEO Checklist for B2B Websites

Companies are increasingly building their websites for lead generation and sales acceleration–seeing their website property as more than just a static brochure. A website can perform as a lead generation machine for B2B leads with the right strategies, tactics, and …

How to Improve Google Search Ranking in 5 Steps (to Drive More Leads)

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, according to Martech Wondering how to improve Google search ranking? You’re not alone. Many businesses are investing in search marketing to bring in more leads and customers online–and NOT just drive …

Targeted Advertising Examples for IoT Companies

Iot Device Company Chip Set

Selling and marketing your IoT solution? For your prospects, implementing the Internet of Things is a company-wide decision. But individual stakeholders need to get on board, and they have specific pain points and challenges unique to their role. To win …

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Topic Clusters: What Are They and Do I Need Them for B2B?

You may have been hearing about them a lot lately: But what is a topic cluster, anyway? A topic cluster is a series of digital content that is published on your website and covers a specific topic, usually a keyword …

Membership Marketing Strategies for Long-Term Growth

Builder versus drivers - comparison

When you explore membership marketing strategies, think about your entire funnel. How will you attract, onboard, retain, and engage members? If you’re not thinking about all of these steps, you’re missing out. But with so many digital marketing tools at …

What Does a Content Funnel Look Like for Technology Companies?

A high-quality content funnel for a B2B organization is vital for most industries. Your content strategy needs to account for several different phases of the buyer’s decision process–considering that most B2B organizations have a longer sales cycle and a higher …

10 Nurturing Tips for Your Member Engagement Strategy

A membership website is a bit unique from other websites. Engaging with existing members, partners, or collaborators requires unique approaches from engaging with sales prospects or a general, public audience. With member-partner engagement, you want to drive engagement repeatedly over …

Launching a Global Business with Shell Catalysts & Technologies


In 2018, Shell’s Catalysts, Licensing, and Services businesses began operating as one entity under a single brand: Shell Catalysts and Technologies (SC&T). As the departments came together, Shell leadership knew the new organization needed a cohesive marketing department that could: …

Is AdWords Successful for B2B?

AdWords is a great driver campaign for many B2B businesses who want to see new lead acquisition and scale quickly. Some B2B companies run an AdWords campaign strategically while their organic marketing strategy is taking root. Simply stated, AdWords (Google …

4 Sales Lead Generation Techniques for the B2B Digital Funnel

Generating sales leads is clearly of great interest to both your marketing and sales teams. The definition of a sales lead is different to every company, but as a common definition, a sales lead has “raised a hand” by freely …

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3 Marketing Mistakes That Stop Sales Leads from Becoming Customers

To build a sales funnel that really works, sales and marketing teams need to set objective goals and agree on consistent lead qualification criteria that will define each phase of the buyer’s journey.  Organizations that don’t get departments on the …

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What Does a Lean Website Design Process Look Like?

Agile boards for website design

A lean approach to your website design process has the advantage of letting you launch quickly and iterate over time, rather than investing a huge budget up-front in a time-consuming project that may or may not be successful. The lean …

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Inbound Marketing and Agile are the Perfect Fit. Here’s Why.

Agile boards for marketing. Scrum process management.

According to Forbes and CMG partners, 93% of CMOs who employ Agile practices say their speed to market for ideas, campaigns, and products has improved.   Agile process management, and by extension agile marketing, are used by enterprise teams who …

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Nurturing Sales Leads 101

Most effective content types in demand generation during various stages of buyer's journey according to B2B marketers in North America as of July 2018 Effectiveness of B2B content types in customer journey stages in North America 2018

Sales leads are often expensive to generate, so when you have a lead ready for outreach, you need to nail down the nurture strategy. It’s often not as simple as sending a single generic email asking for time on someone’s …

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Why ABM is the Best Marketing Strategy for IoT Companies

By its nature, IoT is a decentralized investment. It crosses traditional organizational barriers and breaks down silos. As a result, IoT often impacts several different departments, ranging from executives to IT and operations. Each stakeholder needs to understand their individual …

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Keyword Strategy Mistakes to Stop Doing Now

Microsoft's domain analysis: organic search (SEO) performance report

A keyword strategy is definitely a must-have for businesses that want to generate leads online. In this article, we are going to address some common keyword strategy mistakes that businesses should curb.   Google receives over 63,000 searches per second …

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How to Excel at Targeted Marketing for B2B Tech Companies

How to Excel at Targeted Marketing for B2B Tech Companies

Targeted marketing is the practice of aiming at an audience target with your campaigns like a bow and arrow, rather than casting a wide net to a general audience. It’s a highly effective way to get the right people to …

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6 Smart Account Based Marketing Examples for B2B Companies

ABM Growth Model by Ironpaper

Account based marketing covers a set of strategic tactics to bring in very specific leads and accounts into your sales funnel. ABM allows you to optimize your marketing spend and resources towards a smaller net of leads, increasing your chance …

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10 B2B Content Ideas for Websites to Generate Leads

Most effective content types in demand generation - awareness and consideration

  Year-over-year growth in unique site traffic is 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders compared to followers, according to Kapost citing Aberdeen.   By now, we all know the benefits of having content on our website. But in case you …

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Where Does Content Fit into My B2B Marketing Funnel?

A great content marketing strategy requires an investment into copywriting, research, editing, and oftentimes design and marketing distribution. Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less, according to DemandMetric. So it makes …

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Account-Based Marketing on LinkedIn: Does it Work for B2B?

LInkedin Social network advertising spending in the United States from 2016 to 2020

LinkedIn is one of the most successful channels for account-based marketing that we’ve seen for our clients at Ironpaper. When it’s paired with other ABM channels and strategies, LinkedIn can be used to create demand generation and engagement among your …

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing

In order to define what is content marketing, we also want to define the most effective types and define its purpose. Content marketing is a marketing strategy in which you create and publish various educational and sales materials to generate …

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Key Stages + Stats for the B2B Customer Journey

Key Stages of the B2B Buyer Journey

The “old way of sales” for B2B on its way out—prospect, cold call, email repeatedly, hiding pricing info, and pressure to close. If you don’t believe me, consider this statistic:   The vast majority of B2B buyers do research online …

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How to Drive B2B Sales Leads with Problem-Focused Content Marketing

Stat: most valuable types of content for B2B

Article by the Ironpaper team. Content marketers, beware: The people who buy technology products and services don’t care how many awards your company has won or how long you’ve been in business. Buyers crave valuable, educational content that helps them …

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Shorter Isn’t Always Better — How to Boost Conversions Without Cutting Content

Optimizing forms and fields for lead generation

By Arielle Hurst We hate to break it to you, but there are aren’t any universal silver bullets that will instantly improve your conversion rates. Although some marketers may strike gold during an A/B test and announce, “Orange buttons tripled …

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15 Types of Content Marketing (Including Some You Haven’t Thought of Yet)

15 Types of Content Marketing

While there are many types of content marketing imaginable and you are only limited by your creativity, sometimes it can help to start with ideas for inspiration. Content marketing doesn’t need to refer to just the written word (although “crawlable” …

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Landing Page vs Homepage: 5 Strategic Differences 

Conversion points - website

Both landing pages and a strong homepage are necessary for your digital marketing strategy and website presence. But what is the difference between the two? It’s a great question and one we can answer in a few different ways. In …

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6 Ways to Automate Your Marketing and Sales Alignment With HubSpot

HubSpot goals

Marketing and sales teams are understanding that they need to align their KPIs and goals to be successful.   In fact, when sales and marketing teams work together, companies see 36% higher customer retention and 38% higher sales win rates, …

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Tips for More Digital Marketing Conversions

Graph: Digital Marketing Conversions - metrics

If you’re thinking about digital marketing conversions, your head is already in the right place. More than just a static brochure for your business, a business website can convert new leads and bring in business to your sales funnel. And …

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