Landing Page vs Homepage: 5 Strategic Differences 

Conversion points - website

Both landing pages and a strong homepage are necessary for your digital marketing strategy and website presence. But what is the difference between the two? It’s a great question and one we can answer in a few different ways. In …

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6 Ways to Automate Your Marketing and Sales Alignment With HubSpot

HubSpot goals

Marketing and sales teams are understanding that they need to align their KPIs and goals to be successful.   In fact, when sales and marketing teams work together, companies see 36% higher customer retention and 38% higher sales win rates, …

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Tips for More Digital Marketing Conversions

Graph: Digital Marketing Conversions - metrics

If you’re thinking about digital marketing conversions, your head is already in the right place. More than just a static brochure for your business, a business website can convert new leads and bring in business to your sales funnel. And …

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4 SaaS Marketing Strategies to Generate and Retain Users

SaaS marketing should be used to generate leads and new users who are a qualified fit for your business. Unlike shorter term sales, SaaS companies need to generate a large pool of leads who have a clear problem that can …

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5 Ways Content Can Aid the B2B Sales Process

Sales lead nurturing with content

40% of salespeople say earning a response from prospects is getting harder, according to HubSpot.   In part, this is because buyers have more research and insight available online without talking to a salesperson. So how can sales reps bridge …

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How to Build Your Own Business Email List

Over 700 people per month search “business email list” into Google, with many others searching variations on the term. Clearly, marketers and salespeople are still trying to purchase their way into building a contact database.   But purchasing a business …

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How to Iterate and Test an Account-Based Marketing Campaign

Marketing testing and iteration using data

Iteration and optimization are the two words that should define your account-based marketing campaign. If you want to lower your cost-per-acquisition and scale up reliably, you need to be lean with your campaign launch and test from a few different …

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How Remarketing Works to Nurture B2B Leads

Advertising set-up

What is remarketing? A broad definition of remarketing refers to activities, including retargeting, that seek to recapture attention and information from known leads or previous website visitors. Some remarketing strategies include launching paid advertisements to existing leads or to visitors …

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Targeted Advertising and ABM: A High-Converting Strategy for B2B

It’s no mystery that marketing campaigns are becoming more and more targeted. People expect relevancy online. And fewer people have the patience for emails, ads, and other interruptions that aren’t relevant to them.   40.5 percent of survey respondents prefer …

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How to Gather Lead Intel With Progressive Profiling

Progressive profiling - lead generation data

As B2B marketing teams adopt better CRM technology, they can do more advanced things to manage and convert business leads. Read more: What is Progressive Profiling? Progressive profiling is a great tool for growth teams. It allows marketers and sales …

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Creating Value With B2B Sales Enablement

Workflow automation for B2B sales funnels

Sales is changing rapidly, with a new focus on providing value for buyers. Sales reps of old focused on hitting daily quotas for outreach. They didn’t seek to truly connect with their prospects or providing individualized value. And they didn’t …

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Optimizing a Website Homepage for B2B Technology Companies

Homepage website wireframe design notes

Your homepage is often the first impression many prospects will see of your company. Sure, they may click an advertisement or find you through a social media post — but your website homepage is your major chance to own the …

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How B2B Marketers Can Use HubSpot for ABM

HubSpot for ABM - account-based marketing

HubSpot is not often advertised as a platform to support account-based marketing. Therefore many businesses don’t consider it when they transition into ABM strategies — that is, targeting specific accounts rather than casting a wide net. But did you know …

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B2B Marketing Myths to Drop This Year


B2B marketing is a constantly changing game, and everyone has something to say about best practices. You can read thousands of blog posts about tips, listen to podcasts and webinars, and attend conferences for the latest industry news. But while …

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HubSpot vs MailChimp: Is HubSpot Really Worth the Money?

5 Reasons Content Creators Should Be Looking At Analytics -- Using HubSpot to analyze content

As with any large purchase, it’s easy to take the price tag as the most important factor when deciding if the expense is worthwhile. But transitioning from Mailchimp to Hubspot is not just a question of money, but also the …

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Low-Hanging Fruit — Simple Website Optimizations for B2B

Conversion points - website

Making an impact online doesn’t need to come from flashy, yearly redesigns. You don’t even need the latest web trends or a fresh branding package. Simple optimizations can make your B2B website more impactful. We call these quick wins “low …

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The 3 Biggest Mistakes B2B Marketers Make with Lead Nurturing Emails

Perceived effectiveness of selected tactics in B2B demand generation according to marketers in North America and worldwide as of December 2017

Author: Nikki Pacitti B2B email marketing is an effective tool for improving lead to sales conversion rates, and lead nurturing improves buyer readiness by sending targeted communications to different audience segments. When companies understand how to effectively nurture marketing leads …

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How to Succeed With Account Based Marketing on LinkedIn

Linkedin advertising

More B2B marketing teams are turning to account-based marketing for lead generation, especially as GDPR and privacy concerns make cold outreach harder and potentially legally risky, too. With account-based marketing, you push marketing campaigns to specific audiences and accounts rather …

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13 Critical Inbound Marketing Statistics for B2B in 2019

Critical Inbound Marketing Statistics for B2B in 2019

While the methodology behind inbound marketing is evergreen, the tactics used to grow and stay relevant are always evolving year to year. It’s important to follow the data and see where customers — and competitors — are heading. Here are …

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SEO vs. SEM: What’s the Difference?

SEO and SEM - search marketing

Simply speaking, SEO (search engine optimization) refers to improving your website for the purpose of generating organic traffic once people search for keywords in search engines like Google and Bing. On the other hand, SEM (search engine marketing) generally refers …

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What is a Qualified Lead? How to Set Criteria

What is a qualified lead?

At some point in an advanced lead generation strategy you will come across the question: What is a qualified lead? A qualified lead is someone who could become a potential customer to you, based on criteria and identifying information that …

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Digital Marketing Funnel: B2B Strategies for 2019

Digital Marketing Funnel: B2B Strategies - marketing plan with testing

Digital marketing in 2018 was defined by several major trends — there was more targeting, more technology and automation, and of course more concern about privacy as spurred by GDPR. B2B marketers moving into 2019 should know some critical things …

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Behavioral Targeting Examples for a Strong B2B Campaign

Actions for behavioral targeting - B2B marketing examples

You may be familiar with behavioral targeting for consumer brands — you see it in action every time you search for a product online and see that product “chase” you around the web in different advertising slots. This can make …

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6 Amazing Benefits of Agile Website Design

Agile website design - growth driven website design - example wireframe

Agile projects are three times more likely to succeed than projects managed with traditional methods. –Vitality Chicago   Agile website design is the method of launching a lean version of your company’s website, then making software and content improvements over …

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Must-Have B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2019

2019 lead generation tips - Must-Have B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2019

Did you meet your lead generation goals for 2018? Whether you were right on, above, or just below the bar, 2019 can be a year of even greater growth. You may need to get back to basics while also trying …

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The Complete Guide to Structuring Effective Blog Posts

How to formula - guide to writing effective blog posts

By Justin Champion Think back to the last blog post you read. Did you skim through it as opposed to reading it because the introduction didn’t keep your attention? Did the content seem to ramble as opposed to getting to …

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Marketing Goals Examples for B2B Marketing Teams

Marketing goals examples

In the past, marketing teams were concerned with softer metrics like social media shares, video views, and webpage visits. These metrics spoke to marketing value, but not business value i.e. revenue, and it was hard to convince stakeholders to invest …

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5 Advantages of Online Advertising for B2B Marketers

graph of advertising data

According to Statista, online advertising spend is steadily growing year-over-year, and is expected to grow almost 11% yearly through 2021. Online advertising opens up many possibilities for marketing teams to scale, reach new contacts, and nurture leads through their funnel. …

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Benefits of a Landing Page for B2B

B2B Marketing: Lead generation landing pages - conversion strategy

You’ve probably heard about how much you need landing pages on your website. You might also know best practices for a landing page and how it differs from your home page. These are all good tidbits to learn. But if …

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Creating a Great Landing Page for Sales Leads

Conversion points - website

Sales leads are new contacts who have opted in to be contacted and have a high likelihood of being ready for a sales outreach. Capturing sales-ready leads is one of the most rewarding benefits of digital marketing. While it’s great …

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