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4 Ways to Boost Lead Generation for B2B SaaS Companies with Inbound Marketing

By Kaci Antoine, Content Specialist With the SaaS market growing by 18% each year, it's no secret that there is a lot of competition in the SaaS world.1 And as customers do more research and get input from more stakeholders, lead generation for B2B SaaS companies is increasingly difficult. The SaaS...

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Are Your Direct Traffic Analytics Lying To You?

By Eddie Becker, Senior Content Specialist Every business and organization strives to be one of the first results to pop up in a Google search. Having that right mix of SEO optimization and site credibility is a marketer's dream. But a narrow focus on increasing organic traffic can take away from...

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How to Make a Lean Marketing Tech Stack Work For You

By Chantel Hall, Marketing Content Specialist The pandemic accelerated the need for digital transformations within companies. With that shift comes a wealth of digital marketing tools available to marketers. Eighty-eight percent of B2B organizations use analytics tools, 81% use social media tools,...

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Lead Generation

Crafting B2B Case Studies that Support Your Value Proposition

By Chantel Hall, Marketing Content Specialist Case studies, which highlight the results of a business' work for one of their clients, can be an effective tool for both marketing and sales. When written and utilized effectively, they can help you demonstrate what your value proposition looks like in...

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social media marketing

B2B Audience Segmentation: How to Get Started and Evaluate Your Strategy's Success

By Chantel Hall, Marketing Content Specialist Reaching the right people with the right message at the right time is the foundation of all marketing efforts. The first piece — reaching the right people — requires an in-depth understanding of your buyers, their goals and pain points, and how they're...

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How Often Should You Update Your Blog? 3 Factors to Consider

By Steven Rafferty, Content Specialist Blogging is a great way to distribute content to your audience. It can help you build trust and authority with your readers, differentiate your brand from competitors, and establish thought leadership in your industry. But many marketers struggle to find the...

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digital marketing

Top 10 Skills Needed by Marketers Today

The field of digital marketing is evolving rapidly in response to new technology and changing buyer expectations. To help career-minded marketers, we’ve rounded up the top 10 skills needed to succeed in the field. These are skills marketers should continuously improve on to drive success for...

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What the Running World Can Teach Us About “SEO vs. Paid Search”

By Chantel Hall, Marketing Content Specialist Runners have a wide variety of goals depending on their chosen event and training methods, but most are seeking to improve their endurance, speed, or both. Many runners incorporate both distance training and sprinting into their training plans because...

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content marketing

How to Write Buyer-Focused Copy to Improve Content Engagement

By Chantel Hall, Marketing Content Specialist Buyer-driven messaging is the cornerstone of Ironpaper’s content methodology, and we often discuss it with our clients and in our educational content. If you’re used to writing autobiographical or product-focused content, it can be challenging to know...

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digital marketing

Ideas for Repurposing Content in B2B Content Marketing

By Chantel Hall, Marketing Content Specialist In 2021, 67% of content teams were asked to do more without being given additional resources.1 To meet this demand, marketers can turn to repurposing content, which allows articles and blogs to gain a further reach. As the digital marketing landscape...

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