How Effective is Linkedin for B2B Marketing? These 20 Stats Say it All

Social media platforms for B2B marketers - report graphic

These 20 Stats Prove LinkedIn Must be Part of B2B Marketing LinkedIn is a powerhouse social network for B2B marketers. Built for business networking, LinkedIn works exceptionally well for B2B lead generation, making it one of the top tactics for B2B …

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Tips for Building a B2B Content Strategy for Social Media

Content marketing strategy: testing process

Social media and messaging services account for roughly one in every three minutes users spend on the Internet (Global Web Index), which means businesses of all sizes need a sound social media strategy. A good social content strategy for social …

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Tips for Transitioning from Journalism to a Marketing Career

Journalism to marketing career change

With the increasing popularity of inbound marketing and content marketing, journalists and writers have new options when it comes to career changes. In fact, Harvard Business Review discussed this phenomenon in their article, The Content Market Revolution, saying big brands are poaching …

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Digital Marketing Career Growth Tips

Tips for Boosting your Marketing Career

Marketers who want to advance their careers need to take a proactive approach to boosting their skills and gaining valuable experience. Instead of waiting for the employer to offer professional development, marketers should take action on their own volition. For …

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15+ B2B Marketing Statistics: What is Relevant for 2018

Leading attributes of content marketing effectiveness according to B2B marketing professionals as of January 2015

B2B marketing statistics and trends show the industry’s shift towards a more digital strategy. B2B marketers now heavily rely on content market tactics to bring in leads and grow the lead pool. Below are 15+ statistics that show how B2B …

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20+ Sales Statistics that Matter for 2018


Sales tactics have changed over the past few years. Companies that have shifted from intensively relying on cold prospecting to improving on inbound tactics and lead nurturing to be more competitive in the marketplace and win more clients. Understanding the …

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How to Nurture Content Leads

Ironpaper content mapping system

Many organizations invest heavily in lead acquisition but fail to nurture the leads they acquire. What happens often is a prospect will download the content (say an eBook, white paper, infographic, etc.) and then never take an interest in your …

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How to Get a Job in Marketing without a Degree

Learning marketing skills

It may feel impossible, but getting a job in marketing without a degree is entirely possible. With the numerous marketing bootcamps, online certifications, books, articles, and MOOCs available, the field of marketing is changing, and a traditional degree may not …

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Where Should You Focus B2B Marketing Strategy? Builder vs Driver Activities

B2B Marketing: Builders vs Drivers

“If you build it, they will come.” While this motto worked well for baseball enthusiasts in an Iowan farm town, it doesn’t work so well for a results-driven B2B marketing strategy. Why? Because building marketing assets is only half the …

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Small Business Marketing Trends for 2018 – 10 Stats and Insights

Most effective marketing tactic - graph

Most small business owners and employees play many roles within the company. In some organizations, different members of the team jump in to help with marketing, and in other organizations, a single person must develop and execute the entire marketing …

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Inbound Marketing Statistics: 10 Stats That Demonstrate Impact

As we move towards a new year, businesses often take time to reflect on what strategies worked and what didn’t work. Organizations think about what tactics to implement in Q1 and what tactics to retire with 2017. If your company …

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Using Lead Data to Improve Your B2B Close Rate

Data pattern

Platforms that automate marketing and collect contact data are helpful to marketers, naturally. But did you know marketing automation has immense value for sales teams, too? By using the marketing data collected on your leads, you can craft a sales …

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The Best Content Types for the Bottom-of-the-Funnel

Decision stage in the sales funnel

As buyers move down the sales funnel their discovery process changes. It’s often thought that midway through, and especially at the bottom-of-the-funnel, salespeople take over, leaving marketers to worry only about top-of-the-funnel contacts. While buyers may have more interaction with …

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Guide: How a Shift in Mindset will Improve Brand Growth

5 steps for buyer's reference campaign

by Katie Surace – For more tips and hacks: When I feel stuck in business or personal life, I find a good way to move forward is looking at things objectively. Being objective is hard because we’re so close to …

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Most Valuable Types of B2B Sales Content

Most valuable content marketing types for moving prospects through the sales funnel according to B2B marketers in the United States as of July 2017

Purposefully-written content, that aligns with buyer needs, can drive prospects down the sales funnel, increasing close rates. Often times, the content sales teams produce is ineffective, because it is too pushy and sales-driven. This presents an opportunity for marketing teams …

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How to Nurture Leads from the Awareness to Consideration Stage

How to Nurture Leads from the Awareness to Consideration Stage

Lead nurturing is essential for every company who seeks to expand the number of sales opportunities in their sales pipeline. Especially for B2B companies, who confront longer stages cycles with a group buying decision, it’s important to establish a robust …

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Benefits of Website Personalization for Lead Generation: 15+ Stats that Prove it’s Necessary

Buyer Driven Perspectives in Marketing. Using personas to create great value propositions.

Personalization helps websites perform their job more effectively. Think about websites in the B2C realm such as Netflix and Amazon that offer highly-personalized experiences; these sites thrive because they cater to the needs and wants of their users. The same …

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Tips for Transitioning from Outbound Marketing to Inbound Marketing

Outbound vs inbound

More and more companies are realizing the benefits of inbound marketing over outbound marketing and are therefore transitioning campaigns. Outbound marketing tactics include trade shows, direct mail, email blasts, cold prospecting, and other efforts that push the company message out …

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9 Most Common Problems With Website Design Projects (And How to Fix Them)

Website project problems

This article outlines the common shortcomings of website design projects based on the feedback from clients, project leads, and agency owners. The goal of this article is to outline common issues that arise during the course of a website project …

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Inbound Marketing Tips for Building Donor Retention

Nonprofit effectiveness

Acquiring donors and driving new donations may be the top mission of non-profit organizations. But a close second should be donor retention. Over the last 10 years, donor and gift or dollar retention rates have been consistently weak — averaging below …

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Best Channels for Account-Based Marketing Campaigns

Account-based marketing illustration

Ironpaper often works with clients to generate leads from a tightly targeted “wish list” of accounts — a strategy often called Account-Based Marketing, or ABM. The advantages of this approach are: Clearer utilization of marketing budget Better sales handoff process …

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Agile LinkedIn Best Practices for B2B

LinkedIn sponsored content

LinkedIn sponsored content is one of the best ways for B2B companies to generate targeted, qualified leads. An agile strategy — that is, one that involves testing, iteration, and scalability — is ideal to get the most return on your …

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B2B Sales Middle of the Funnel Content Checklist

Conversion funnel - middle of the funnel

B2B companies use terms such as “sales funnel,” “buyer’s journey,” or “buyer’s lifecycle” to discuss how a potential client goes from a prospect (or someone who knows nothing about the B2B company) to purchasing the product or service. No matter …

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Techniques for Writing B2B Case Studies

B2B Case Studies

Business-to-Business (B2B) case studies are a way for companies to showcase the value their solutions provide to clients. The goal is to establish proof and build trust so the prospect feels comfortable progressing down the funnel. Since the solutions behind …

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How to Optimize a Blog: The Blog Optimization Checklist

Blog optimization check list

Blog optimization is key to maintaining consistent traffic and engaging readers. Instead of simply posting and moving on, businesses should take time to optimize each post to ensure user satisfaction. It’s not just new posts that need optimization; older blog …

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5 Video Marketing Tools Recommended by Top HubSpot Users

Video analytics marketing

Article by Kevin Kononenko of Databox Inbound experts use these video tools to make their marketing stand out above the competitors Once you’ve created a video or plan on conducting a webinar, you need to devise a plan for reaching your …

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How to Improve a Blog’s Conversion Rate

Conversion rate website marketing

Building a cadence of publishing with a company blog is only half the battle. Writing and posting quality content is important, but getting people to see the content and then convert is even more critical to a blog’s success. This …

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How to Build Better B2B Buyer Engagement

B2B Lead Generation

The B2B buyer today has an unprecedented amount of control of their buying journey. They have the option to peruse Google, white papers, Linkedin, referrals, research organizations, provider websites, forums, specialized directories, trade publications, Twitter, and the like before reaching …

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How to Improve Lead Nurturing Results (The Basics)

Some 42% of marketers told DemandGen they’d been practicing lead nurturing for more than two years. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of room for improvement. Savvy marketers are always on the lookout for best practices. Here are some tips on how …

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Does Load Time Impact SEO?

Developer Tools for page load time

The speed of a website or web page to completely load in a browser is a significant factor in SEO. For context, page load time (or page speed) is the time it takes to fully display the content on a …

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