How to Nurture Leads from the Awareness to Consideration Stage

How to Nurture Leads from the Awareness to Consideration Stage

Lead nurturing is essential for every company who seeks to expand the number of sales opportunities in their sales pipeline. Especially for B2B companies, who confront longer stages cycles with a group buying decision, it’s important to establish a robust …

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Benefits of Website Personalization for Lead Generation: 15+ Stats that Prove it’s Necessary

Buyer Driven Perspectives in Marketing. Using personas to create great value propositions.

Personalization helps websites perform their job more effectively. Think about websites in the B2C realm such as Netflix and Amazon that offer highly-personalized experiences; these sites thrive because they cater to the needs and wants of their users. The same …

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Tips for Transitioning from Outbound Marketing to Inbound Marketing

Outbound vs inbound

More and more companies are realizing the benefits of inbound marketing over outbound marketing and are therefore transitioning campaigns. Outbound marketing tactics include trade shows, direct mail, email blasts, cold prospecting, and other efforts that push the company message out …

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9 Most Common Problems With Website Design Projects (And How to Fix Them)

Website project problems

This article outlines the common shortcomings of website design projects based on the feedback from clients, project leads, and agency owners. The goal of this article is to outline common issues that arise during the course of a website project …

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Inbound Marketing Tips for Building Donor Retention

Nonprofit effectiveness

Acquiring donors and driving new donations may be the top mission of non-profit organizations. But a close second should be donor retention. Over the last 10 years, donor and gift or dollar retention rates have been consistently weak — averaging below …

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Best Channels for Account-Based Marketing Campaigns

Account-based marketing illustration

Ironpaper often works with clients to generate leads from a tightly targeted “wish list” of accounts — a strategy often called Account-Based Marketing, or ABM. The advantages of this approach are: Clearer utilization of marketing budget Better sales handoff process …

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Agile LinkedIn Best Practices for B2B

LinkedIn sponsored content

LinkedIn sponsored content is one of the best ways for B2B companies to generate targeted, qualified leads. An agile strategy — that is, one that involves testing, iteration, and scalability — is ideal to get the most return on your …

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B2B Sales Middle of the Funnel Content Checklist

Conversion funnel - middle of the funnel

B2B companies use terms such as “sales funnel,” “buyer’s journey,” or “buyer’s lifecycle” to discuss how a potential client goes from a prospect (or someone who knows nothing about the B2B company) to purchasing the product or service. No matter …

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Techniques for Writing B2B Case Studies

B2B Case Studies

Business-to-Business (B2B) case studies are a way for companies to showcase the value their solutions provide to clients. The goal is to establish proof and build trust so the prospect feels comfortable progressing down the funnel. Since the solutions behind …

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How to Optimize a Blog: The Blog Optimization Checklist

Blog optimization check list

Blog optimization is key to maintaining consistent traffic and engaging readers. Instead of simply posting and moving on, businesses should take time to optimize each post to ensure user satisfaction. It’s not just new posts that need optimization; older blog …

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5 Video Marketing Tools Recommended by Top HubSpot Users

Video analytics marketing

Article by Kevin Kononenko of Databox Inbound experts use these video tools to make their marketing stand out above the competitors Once you’ve created a video or plan on conducting a webinar, you need to devise a plan for reaching your …

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How to Improve a Blog’s Conversion Rate

Conversion rate website marketing

Building a cadence of publishing with a company blog is only half the battle. Writing and posting quality content is important, but getting people to see the content and then convert is even more critical to a blog’s success. This …

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How to Build Better B2B Buyer Engagement

B2B Lead Generation

The B2B buyer today has an unprecedented amount of control of their buying journey. They have the option to peruse Google, white papers, Linkedin, referrals, research organizations, provider websites, forums, specialized directories, trade publications, Twitter, and the like before reaching …

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How to Improve Lead Nurturing Results (The Basics)

Some 42% of marketers told DemandGen they’d been practicing lead nurturing for more than two years. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of room for improvement. Savvy marketers are always on the lookout for best practices. Here are some tips on how …

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Does Load Time Impact SEO?

Developer Tools for page load time

The speed of a website or web page to completely load in a browser is a significant factor in SEO. For context, page load time (or page speed) is the time it takes to fully display the content on a …

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What are Buyers Saying about B2B Company Content

Content communication models

B2B company content can be very hit or miss. Sometimes executives like to discuss topics simply not interesting to the reader. At other times, companies make big announcements via content channels that might not be appropriate for outside readers. So …

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5 B2B Content Marketing Stats that Tell What Buyers Really Think

#1: 72% of Consumers Trust Online Content from a Personal Recommendation

Based on a Statista report, “Content marketing in the U.S.,” B2B and B2C marketers may not know exactly what their buyers are thinking. The company interviewed both marketers and consumers to put together this report dissecting content marketing trends in …

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Databox Template: “Monthly Lead Generation Dashboard” – Databoard by Ironpaper

Ironpaper's Monthly Lead Generation Dashboard databoard - A Databox template

Our clients came to us because they wish to accelerate growth. One of the key components for growth acceleration is gaining deeper visibility into marketing and sales performance. For this reason, we started using near real-time dashboards and analytics to …

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How to Solve the Top 3 B2B Content Marketing Challenges

Report: Top 3 challenges of B2B content marketers.

B2B marketers strive to reach a select target of business buyers using high-quality content disseminated effectively. Since B2B marketing wants to reach other businesses, some consider it a more difficult task than B2C marketing, which needs to get in front …

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Does HubSpot Work With WordPress? — Using HubSpot with WordPress. A Quick Guide.

HubSpot with Wordpress

We get this question a lot. It’s not surprising considering both platforms (HubSpot and WordPress) are the top in their respective areas of focus. WordPress is, by far, the most popular CMS in the world and is used by nearly 75 …

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Top 5 Most Common B2B Marketing Mistakes

Learning from both success as well as failure is essential for modern day marketers. To this purpose, we share our perspective on the top 5 most common B2B marketing mistakes. These lessons we learned from working with B2B organizations of …

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Top Strategies to Manage Marketing Data Overload And Increase Success Rates

Barriers to digital marketing success among small and medium businesses

Marketing executives can no longer complain that that data derived from marketing technology lacks actionable insight. Instead, with the majority of CMOs embracing new and fast-evolving marketing tech, the outsized concern is feeling overwhelmed due to the amount of data …

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Blog Strategy for Technology Companies, From SEO to CTAs

Blog Strategy for Tech Companies

Blogging is an excellent way for technology companies to generate traffic, increase leads, and showcase industry expertise. And a blog strategy for technology companies pays off. According to Hubspot: Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5X …

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SEO for Technology Companies – Best Practices and Practical Tips

SEO for technology companies - landing page pillar page

Search engine optimization is important for every B2B company. However, SEO for technology companies is especially crucial, because in the tech market, you’re competing against many companies who also have a strong online presence. Your leads are tech-savvy, and in …

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How to Generate Leads for Software Development Projects

Generate Leads for Software Development Projects

To generate leads for software development projects, you must go all-in on a lead generation and conversion strategy. Your ideal customers are searching for solutions online, so you need to be ready with a digital strategy that compels them. It is …

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5 Smart Web Design Tips for Software Companies

generate leads for a software technology project

Software and technology companies often build marketing campaigns where the brand website acts as a central hub and conversion tool. Software company web design tips. How to design a great software company website. Improve marketing and lead-generation for website. Web design for software company.

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5 IT Website Design Best Practices for More Leads

IT website best practices for value proposition statement

When marketing for IT companies, it’s important to move beyond a static “brochure” website — that is, putting company information at the forefront. Instead, you must provide value from the buyer’s perspective in order to generate B2B leads online. By following IT website design best …

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Essential Advice for Your Manufacturing Marketing Strategy

web design tips for software companies - product shots

For industrial companies trying to break into a digital market, there are plenty of opportunities for your manufacturing marketing strategy: lead generation, customer conversion, and brand awareness. However: According to the CMI, only 1% of manufacturing marketing teams rate their marketing …

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7 Crucial Metrics to Measure in a Digital Marketing Audit

digital marketing audit

Is your website measurably driving B2B lead generation, increasing sales opportunities, and deepening engagement with your target prospects? If not, when was the last time you conducted a digital marketing audit? It’s critical to assess web performance and identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. …

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4 Major Business Goals You Can Achieve With a Website Redesign

Nonprofit website value proposition

In the early days of business websites, it was enough to present a static “brochure” online: A quick overview of your business with contact information. But with today’s tools and technologies — like marketing automation, analytics platforms, and digital advertising — your …

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