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Using Video for B2B Marketing

Video can be a highly effective tool for B2B marketing. It's important that the videos an enterprise creates are useful, educational, or interesting to potential prospects, customers, or influencers. "Approximately 75% of online viewers interact with video ads in a month." -- Tremor Video Word of...

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Lead Generation

Email marketing for eCommerce

An email list is a powerful asset for eCommerce websites if not abused. Email lists can build brand advocacy, drive purchases and keep eCommerce brands in memory. Email has an ROI of around 4,300% (according to the Direct Marketing Association) 80% of people say they receive marketing messages...

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ROI-driven digital marketing for destination websites

Destination websites should apply results-driven practices to their marketing strategy online. Measuring ROI or CPA can help make an destination organization more effective --attracting customers, influencers, partners, visibility and building revenue. The Internet has changed the way customers...

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Improving B2B website conversion rates

Websites often need to perform multiple jobs--from awareness and education to conversion. For B2B brands, websites can certainly be used to convert sales, and here are a few tips to help drive sales through website transactions. Be compelling. Encourage prospects to turn into customers by showing...

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Analytics KPIs for eCommerce websites

For eCommerce businesses, it is critical to continuously measure your website performance as a whole. We are making a differentiation between website performance data and customer purchase behavior for this quick overview. This article is a basic primer for a website marketer or eCommerce manager....

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Responsive website design is critical to email marketing

Websites & email marketing must be designed for mobile A report by Return Path on December 31, 2013 highlights the importance of mobile for email marketing. Over the 2013 holiday season, 51% of all emails were opened on a mobile device. Desktop had a mere 27% of email opens. Mobile responsive web...

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5 Benefits of Remarketing

Remarketing allows marketers to display ads to visitors who've previously been on your website as they browse the Web. Remarketing uses programmatic buying to display ads on a broad array of participating websites. Within the Google ad network, a prospect who visited a brand website may see the...

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5 holiday marketing tips for retailers

As the season approaches, retailers of all shapes and sizes are in full swing preparations for the holidays. Tis the season to go from red to black! Top 3 Holiday Offer Campaigns Free express shipping Buy more, save more Post-holiday sale 5 holiday marketing Tips for retailers This holiday quick...

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social media marketing

5 tips for designing a better eCommerce website

Ecommerce businesses are seated with numerous challenges and opportunities with the evolving web. Competition from established retailers as well as brand new start-ups can make for a dizzying array of challenges for eCommerce businesses. More than any other business, eCommerce organizations must...

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Using tablets and iPads in retail stores

We have found that retail stores can more effectively promote products and improve customer service by using tablet or iPad kiosks within the brick-and-mortar retail experience. Tablets offer a more comfortable, elegant, cheaper and user-friendly way for retailers to provide in-store kiosks while...

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