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15 Critical Inbound Marketing Statistics for B2B in 2021

Updated March 2021. Inbound marketing best practices seem to change constantly. It's essential to follow the data and see where customers and competitors are heading to keep up with trends. Here are thirteen current inbound marketing statistics that highlight this ever-evolving landscape. Video,...

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Generate Leads With a Digital Marketing Agency

By Jon Flaherty-Fisco, Content Specialist Growing a business through digital marketing requires expertise and keeping up with the latest trends and technology. To do that kind of work in-house takes a full team of professionals who know the business inside out and know digital marketing as well....

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4 Common B2B Lead Generation Mistakes

B2B lead generation involves fostering interest in your company, brand, product, or service in order to generate a sales inquiry. The prospect submits their contact information via call, email, chat, or form submission, becoming a lead, one that can be nurtured with content and communications until...

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Trends to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Digital Marketing Agency

By Jon Flaherty-Fisco, Content Specialist With 2020 changing how many businesses choose to address their digital marketing needs, it’s important to understand what trends are driving change across industries. Experts predict spending on digital advertising will reach $375 billion by 2021, it’s...

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4 Sales Lead Generation Techniques for the B2B Digital Funnel

It doesn’t matter if you’re in sales or marketing. Everything your teams do is for one result: generating sales leads where someone has “raised a hand” and asked to be contacted. This is the core of B2B lead generation. Better yet, those leads have taken an active interest by requesting a demo,...

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How to Succeed With Account Based Marketing on LinkedIn

More B2B marketing teams are turning to account-based marketing for lead generation. Now that most organizations have canceled in-person events, B2B businesses need a new tactic to get in front of qualified leads. Account-based marketing on LinkedIn has filled this gap for businesses worldwide....

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Where Does Content Fit Into My B2B Marketing Funnel?

A successful content marketing campaign requires an investment in copywriting, research, editing, and often design and marketing distribution. However, this investment is well worth it. DemandMetric found that content marketing produces more than three times the amount of leads as outbound...

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5 Ways Content Can Aid the B2B Sales Process

Updated February 2021. B2B sales is changing rapidly. Now with the pandemic pushing relationships online, companies are struggling to stand out in a crowded space. 40% of salespeople say earning a response from prospects is getting harder, according to HubSpot. In part, the reason for this...

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Video Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies

There is a misconception that video content needs to be a flashy production filled with impressive b-roll footage, custom graphics, and shot on an expensive studio camera. That’s why you might be surprised to know that videos are something you have the tools to create already. In fact, you’re...

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How B2B Marketers Can Overcome ABM Challenges

Account-based marketing (ABM) is an increasingly popular strategy in the B2B industry. Known for closing more qualified leads, ABM yields a higher ROI; 71% of ABM marketers cited a higher return than traditional marketing initiatives. ABM budgets have increased 21% in the last year, according to...

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Marketing Opportunities for B2B IoT Companies

The Internet of Things is reshaping and defining markets, so much so that it has been dubbed “the next Industrial Revolution.”

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