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How to Solve the Top 3 B2B Content Marketing Challenges

B2B marketers strive to reach a select target of business buyers using high-quality content disseminated effectively. Since B2B marketing wants to reach other businesses, some consider it a more difficult task than B2C marketing, which needs to get in front of individual customers. Statista put...

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How B2B Companies Can Keep Up With Changing Buyer Needs

By Lauren Lyons, Market Analyst and Research Writer As markets, industries, and demographics shift, keeping up with changing buyer needs can feel challenging. Ironpaper’s latest survey of 180 B2B decision-makers found that when asked what changes are impacting their ability to generate revenue,...

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Lead Generation

5 Signs your Marketing and Sales Departments are Siloed

By Ross Lancaster, Content Specialist The traditional paradigms of B2B demand generation are shifting rapidly. A new Ironpaper survey of 180 B2B decision-makers found that before COVID-19, 85% of B2B businesses relied on in-person events to drive demand, but less than 15% still considered trade...

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Sales enablement

Why Post-Pandemic B2B Marketing Requires Alignment with Sales

By Shawn Smajstrla, Content Strategist Life during the COVID-19 pandemic was marked by separation and isolation. Shutdowns, stay-at-home orders, and social distancing kept us from family, friends, and workplaces. Personal interactions were replaced with digital, online versions. In essence, we...

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Sales enablement

Why Every Company Needs a Sales Enablement Content Strategy

By Nicky Cappella, Content Strategist Introducing new customers to your product (and making additional sales to existing customers) is fundamental to your short- and long-term success. To maximize revenue, companies want to provide their teams with all of the tools needed to close a sale. This may...

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5 Demand Generation Best Practices for IT Service Companies

The IT services industry must grapple with growing competition. From other providers to the evolving self-help SaaS industry, competitors come in all shapes and sizes. There is also enormous opportunity in the IT services industry. Gartner predicts that worldwide IT spending will grow 6.2% in 2021....

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B2B sales

B2B Agency Improves the Buyer's Journey

By Artemus Bryant, Content Specialist Today's buyers are busier and more informed than ever. Therefore, your marketing efforts and strategies must actively engage your prospects. Sales teams within B2B markets should nurture relationships with multiple stakeholders to drive conversions, which...

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Creating a Great Landing Page for Sales Leads

By Nicole Cappella, Content Specialist Digital marketing has transformed the way that businesses reach new audiences and identify which contacts are ready for sales outreach. This process requires that sales and marketing work together closely to ensure the right qualifiers are being used and the...

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Creating Value With B2B Sales Enablement

B2B sales enablement is the iterative process of providing your company’s sales team with the necessary resources to convert more prospects into customers. Resources typically include information, knowledge, tools, and content to sell your service or product to customers effectively. A sales...

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6 Smart Account Based Marketing Examples for B2B Companies

Account-based marketing covers a set of strategic tactics to bring in precise leads and accounts into your sales funnel. ABM has become increasingly popular; it enables you to optimize your marketing spend and resources towards fewer leads, increasing the chance of closing qualified sales and...

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Marketing Opportunities for B2B IoT Companies

The Internet of Things is reshaping and defining markets, so much so that it has been dubbed “the next Industrial Revolution.”

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