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10 Nurturing Tips for Your Member Engagement Strategy

A membership website is a bit unique from other websites. Engaging with existing members, partners, or collaborators requires unique approaches from engaging with sales prospects or a general, public audience. With member-partner engagement, you want to drive engagement repeatedly over the course...

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Is AdWords Successful for B2B?

AdWords is a great driver campaign for many B2B businesses who want to see new lead acquisition and scale quickly. Some B2B companies run an AdWords campaign strategically while their organic marketing strategy is taking root. Simply stated, AdWords (Google Ads) can be an accelerator for search...

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Sales enablement

3 Marketing Mistakes That Stop Sales Leads from Becoming Customers

To build a sales funnel that really works, sales and marketing teams need to set objective goals and agree on consistent lead qualification criteria that will define each phase of the buyer's journey. Organizations that don't get departments on the same page run the risk of losing highly-qualified...

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Web design

What Does a Lean Website Design Process Look Like?

A lean approach to your website design process has the advantage of letting you launch quickly and iterate over time, rather than investing a huge budget up-front in a time-consuming project that may or may not be successful. The lean style focuses on quick speed-to-market and testing gradually for...

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digital marketing

Inbound Marketing and Agile are the Perfect Fit. Here's Why.

According to Forbes and CMG partners, 93% of CMOs who employ Agile practices say their speed to market for ideas, campaigns, and products has improved. Agile process management, and by extension agile marketing, are used by enterprise teams who want to improve and unite their internal processes....

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Nurturing Sales Leads 101

Sales leads are often expensive to generate, so when you have a lead ready for outreach, you need to nail down the nurture strategy. It's often not as simple as sending a single generic email asking for time on someone's calendar. This impersonal, one-touch method is outdated and will result in...

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Why ABM is the Best Marketing Strategy for IoT Companies

By its nature, IoT is a decentralized investment. It crosses traditional organizational barriers and breaks down silos. As a result, IoT often impacts several different departments, ranging from executives to IT and operations. Each stakeholder needs to understand their individual role in an IoT...

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Keyword Strategy Mistakes to Stop Doing Now

A keyword strategy is definitely a must-have for businesses that want to generate leads online. In this article, we are going to address some common keyword strategy mistakes that businesses should curb. Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day, according to Internet Live...

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How to Excel at Targeted Marketing for B2B Tech Companies

Targeted marketing is the practice of aiming at an audience target with your campaigns like a bow and arrow, rather than casting a wide net to a general audience. It’s a highly effective way to get the right people to buy from your B2B technology company. And with so many digital tools and...

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Account-Based Marketing on LinkedIn: Does it Work for B2B?

LinkedIn is one of the most successful channels for account-based marketing that we’ve seen for our clients at Ironpaper. When it’s paired with other ABM channels and strategies, LinkedIn can be used to create demand generation and engagement among your best target accounts. When utilized well, the...

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