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10 B2B Content Ideas for Websites to Generate Leads

Lead generation can be a challenge for any B2B company. Content plays a crucial role in the lead generation process as it offers value for prospects and educates them during the buyer's journey....


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5 Ways Content Can Aid the B2B Sales Process

Updated February 2021. B2B sales is changing rapidly. Now with the pandemic pushing relationships online, companies are struggling to stand out in a crowded space. 40% of salespeople say earning a...


Get to the Point: Making B2B Content Marketing Blogs Effective

By Omar Sofradzija, Content Specialist Start with the ending. Get to your key takeaway right away when drawing up B2B content marketing blogs instead of doddering around generalizations and easing...



How to Optimize a Landing Page for IoT – Quick Wins

Selling IoT is complex because it includes so many stakeholders. From operations to business executives, each stakeholder needs to understand how an IoT investment impacts their department or job...



Why Now is the Time for Account-Based Marketing in B2B

While B2B companies typically have a good sense of their target market, they often struggle to get in front of the right prospects via marketing channels. A common mistake is pushing out a...



30+ B2B Marketing Statistics for 2021

B2B marketers quickly adapted campaign plans in 2020 when the pandemic pushed the entire buyer journey online and changed the way we work. As marketers continue to solve these unique challenges,...


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Video Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies

There is a misconception that video content needs to be a flashy production filled with impressive b-roll footage, custom graphics, and shot on an expensive studio camera. That’s why you might be...


Creating B2B Content that Benefits Your Sales Pipeline

B2B companies often ignore or downplay the role of a website in their sales process. Prospects often explore resources and content on brand websites throughout the sales process. We often see...


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How B2B Marketers Can Overcome ABM Challenges

Account-based marketing (ABM) is an increasingly popular strategy in the B2B industry. Known for closing more qualified leads, ABM yields a higher ROI; 71% of ABM marketers cited a higher return...


The Secret to Accelerated B2B Lead Generation: Chatbots

The number one job of a B2B website is qualified lead generation. Unfortunately, many companies don’t maximize the value of this digital powerhouse. Instead, they use it as a static brochure that...



Marketing Opportunities for B2B IoT Companies

The Internet of Things is reshaping and defining markets, so much so that it has been dubbed “the next Industrial Revolution.”

Download our comprehensive guide on the opportunities, challenges, and best practices for IoT solution providers in the B2B space.


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