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5 Reasons Your B2B Marketing Campaign is Failing (And How to Fix It)

Sometimes, your B2B marketing campaign won’t “work.” Your traffic or lead goals fall short, your team gets stressed, or you just don’t complete the pieces on time. While many factors can affect your campaign during execution, oftentimes, you can pinpoint the failure back to some shortcomings in...

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Technology Statistics for 2017 (And How They Impact B2B Marketing)

Our world is more connected than ever, and technology statistics say that B2B marketers are embracing innovation fully: "70% of survey respondents said they expect their marketing technology budget to increase slightly (50%) or greatly (20%) in 2017." - Walker Sands However, marketing technology is...

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How to Use Marketing Data for B2B Company Growth

Data is quickly becoming the preferred decision-maker in B2B organizations. And companies realize the need for improved data collection, analysis, and reporting. In fact: 42% of B2B marketing professionals state that a lack of quality data is their biggest barrier to lead generation. Moreover,...

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Nonprofit Marketing Statistics: Preparing Your Strategy Through 2017

1,571,056 nonprofit organizations are registered in the United States. And for most of these nonprofit organizations, top communication goals include: Acquiring new donors Engaging community General brand awareness Donor retention But how can nonprofit marketers meet these goals in 2017 and beyond?...

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20+ Content Marketing Statistics, and What They Mean for You

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on Oct, 2016 and has been updated with new statistics and insights. Content still matters deeply to B2B business. In fact: A Regalix 2016 survey found 96% of marketers identifying content marketing as a core part of their strategy. But what is the...

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B2B Inbound Marketing: Innovative Strategies You Need by 2018

By its nature, B2B inbound marketing is innovative — that's why it works! But even within an inbound framework, marketers must stay up-to-date with technology to stay ahead. Here are three innovative, technology-driven strategies to implement this year. By current trends, these tactics will become...

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Marketing Your B2B Technology Company? You Need These Tools

As a B2B technology marketer, you no doubt want the best tools to measure, boost, and grow your marketing efforts. Thankfully, we live in an era of innovative marketing tech. And you can invest in tools for important B2B marketing functions: like content marketing, lead data, website metrics, and...

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LinkedIn Marketing in 2017: What B2B Businesses Need to Know

LinkedIn has a new layout. This means that both brands and individuals must rethink their LinkedIn marketing strategy for 2017. The cleaner, sleeker look will be “more intuitive and focused to bring conversations and content to the forefront," says LinkedIn. 50% of LinkedIn members report they are...

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Website Metrics That are Critical to Sales Growth (And Measuring Website ROI)

  According to a Statista report, 92% of SMEs consider their own websites to be the most effective digital marketing tactic. But which website metrics are these SMEs monitoring— and do they really indicate sales growth? To tackle this question, we'll cover the 4major website metrics you should be...

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The Growth of eServices: Stats and Trends

With mobile devices within easy reach of many customers, eServices are on the rise. Global revenue in the eServices market is expected to hit $106,977 million in 2017. The growth of eServices is further demonstrated by the stats and trends in this overview. What are eServices? In examining the...

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