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Search Advertising Trends and Stats

At a cumulative US$76.6 billion, the US, China, and Europe cover 84% of the global search advertising market. Here are more search advertising trends and stats digital marketers need to know. Search Advertising Stats The pace of search advertising revenue growth — mobile and desktop — is predicted...

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Top Nonprofit Digital Trends

Nonprofits today are turning to inbound marketing's collaborative approach to campaign strategy and data focus to boost advocacy and increase donations. Examining top nonprofit digital trends provides insight into the strategies working best online. After all, despite the average American household...

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Online Marketing Trends 2016 to 2017

Digital marketing spend will grow from 57.29 billion US dollars in 2014 to 103.37 billion US. dollars in 2019, per Forrester. These online marketing trends are likely to drive the growth into 2017. Personalized user experiences Marketing personalization is becoming increasingly important for...

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Facebook Marketing Stats and Trends

Facebook this year announced it is putting drones and satellites in the air over developing countries to help bring its social network to new populations. After all, in the US, its saturation is already pretty high (59.17%). These other Facebook marketing stats and trends further suggest there are...

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Content Marketing for Manufacturers — Report

Some 85% of manufacturer marketers use content in their marketing efforts, according to the 2017 Manufacturing Content Marketing (MCM). The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs report highlight valuable trends to guide content marketing strategy for manufacturering companies....

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Top Social Media Advertising Trends

Globally, social media marketing accounts for 13% of today’s digital ad market at about $26.4 billion US. Defining Social Media Advertising Social media advertising leverages the network newsfeed to raise awareness, prompt action or sell products or services. Ads in social and business networks...

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Email Marketing Statistics and Trends

Email marketing has legs. Doubters could consult an Exhibitor study showing 50% of trade show marketers and exhibitors planned to increase spending on this marketing medium in 2016. These other email marketing statistics and trends should also help prove “you’ve got mail” marketing remains popular....

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Video on Demand Statistics and Trends

“Did you watch ___?” has long been a conversation starter in the office break room or at a cocktail party. Americans today have even more options with which to fill in that blank, though. Media is increasingly fragmented in today's market. Adults in the US receive an average of 206 television...

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Small Business Marketing Trends

Small business owners juggle many jobs in keeping their businesses afloat. One of these is often marketing. A review of small business marketing trends indicates nearly half (47 percent) of small businesses take a Do-It-Yourself approach to marketing. The State of Small Business Marketing One study...

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B2B Marketing Statistics and Trends

B2B marketing statistics and trends illustrate the global B2B marketing industry is still going strong. It's predicted to grow annually through 2018. Digital, in particular, will continue to garner attention with a 12.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), per PwC. B2B Marketing Budgets In 2014...

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