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Content Marketing for Manufacturers — Report

Some 85% of manufacturer marketers use content in their marketing efforts, according to the 2017 Manufacturing Content Marketing (MCM). The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs report...


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Top Social Media Advertising Trends

Globally, social media marketing accounts for 13% of today’s digital ad market at about $26.4 billion US. Defining Social Media Advertising Social media advertising leverages the network newsfeed to...


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Email Marketing Statistics and Trends

Email marketing has legs. Doubters could consult an Exhibitor study showing 50% of trade show marketers and exhibitors planned to increase spending on this marketing medium in 2016. These other email...


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Video on Demand Statistics and Trends

“Did you watch ___?” has long been a conversation starter in the office break room or at a cocktail party. Americans today have even more options with which to fill in that blank, though. Media is...


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Small Business Marketing Trends

Small business owners juggle many jobs in keeping their businesses afloat. One of these is often marketing. A review of small business marketing trends indicates nearly half (47 percent) of small...


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B2B Marketing Statistics and Trends

B2B marketing statistics and trends illustrate the global B2B marketing industry is still going strong. It's predicted to grow annually through 2018. Digital in particular will continue to garner...


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Smart home market size — Trends and projections

Home automation is no longer the stuff of science fiction. Instead, we see Alec Baldwin on TV planning a party with the help of Alexa, while the latest iOS update for iPhones offered a default smart...


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Digital Marketing Spending Trends in the US and Globally

Digital marketing spending trends in the US and globally offer valuable insight into the industry today. One encouraging finding is Forrester Research’s forecast that digital marketing spending will...


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iOS Mobile Market Stats — Understanding the Apple Audience

Even before the great earbud controversy of 2016, Apple was facing steep competition for global mobile market share. This article’s collection of iOS mobile market stats are telling about the 1...


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Best Practices for IT Value-Added Reseller Company Websites

In an ever-evolving landscape roiled by big data, mobile, turn-key applications, and cloud computing, value-added resellers (VARs) are forced to reinvent themselves as broad IT solution providers....



Marketing Opportunities for B2B IoT Companies

The Internet of Things is reshaping and defining markets, so much so that it has been dubbed “the next Industrial Revolution.”

Download our comprehensive guide on the opportunities, challenges, and best practices for IoT solution providers in the B2B space.


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