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Using Inbound Marketing for Private Schools

Using Inbound Marketing for Private Schools Inbound marketing is about attracting prospective families to your school with helpful content designed specifically for them. Once they arrive at your site, your content and digital communications convince them to contact the admissions office. Today’s...

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Is Facebook a Good Channel for B2B Enterprise Marketing?

If your B2B enterprise hasn’t yet adopted a clearly defined Facebook marketing strategy, it’s time to start. "75 percent of B2B buyers use social media to support purchase decisions." -IDC "83 percent of B2B enterprise marketers use Facebook." -Content Marketing Institute "43 percent of B2B vendors...

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social media marketing

Nonprofit Marketing Statistics That Matter

You can view the 2017 updated version of nonprofit marketing statistics here. We are sharing a collection of fascinating nonprofit marketing statistics for 2015. Much of this data came from studies and reports throughout 2012, 2013, and 2014--and we find them to be highly relevant to nonprofits in...

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What is Social Selling?

What is Social Selling? Social selling: Connecting with prospects via social tools, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. In action, it looks like answering prospect questions and sharing helpful, timely content. These consistent interactions nurture prospect relationships until they are ready...

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Using Inbound Marketing for IT Companies

Inbound marketing is about attracting qualified leads to your company by creating content designed specifically for your target market. Inbound marketing focuses on being helpful and relevant over being disruptive and invasive. Once these leads find their way to your site, your content keeps them...

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Local Marketing Tips For B2B Franchise Businesses

Local Marketing Tips For B2B Franchise Businesses Owning a B2B local franchise business has its fair share of perks. And while advantages like instant brand recognition and an established business model give you an edge in the marketplace, they’re not the whole story. You still have to invest in...

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Is HubSpot a Good Solution for Nonprofit Organizations?

Many nonprofits are misguided in feeling that "every dollar should go to the mission." Many nonprofits believe, "we can't spare money for technology." But by employing the right technology and marketing processes, a nonprofit can become more self-sustaining, expand their reach and win new...

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Lead Generation

Attracting micro-donations through nonprofit website fundraising

Nonprofits need to expand their fundraising efforts beyond targeting big money donors. Give some attention to people who can provide micro donations for your nonprofit and cause. These micro-donors may also help become advocates and promoters furthering your organization's reach and visibility....

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The value of dark social channels for marketing

Dark social channels may have more of an influence on your prospective buyers that you might imagine. These traditionally hidden spots carry great influence and sometimes live in the gaps of what marketing and social analytics tools are able to track. Dark social channels are forms of social...

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Defining a content strategy for the Internet of Things

We have arrived at a critical milestone in the evolution of computing. The Internet of Things is just that milestone, which promises to turn everyday objects into smart, connected objects--taking on a new meaning. Telecom companies and communication service providers have a unique opportunity to...

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The Internet of Things is reshaping and defining markets, so much so that it has been dubbed “the next Industrial Revolution.”

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