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Marketing Goals Examples for B2B Marketing Teams

In the past, marketing teams were concerned with softer metrics like social media shares, video views, and webpage visits. These metrics spoke to marketing value but not business value i.e. revenue, and it was hard to convince stakeholders to invest in or appreciate marketing. However, B2B...

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Remarketing vs Retargeting: Defining a Strategy for B2B Lead Conversion

One in five marketers now has a dedicated budget for retargeting. (InvespCRO) Once someone leaves your website, all hope of converting them is not lost! Companies can and should recapture attention for their products and services. Acquiring new B2B leads is often costly. Additionally, B2B leads...

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Lead Generation

Simple Web Design + Content Upgrades for Instant Engagement

While it’s always nice to get a “facelift” on your website and a fresh new look, redesigning a website is about so much more than branding and visual appeal. Your website should be a tool for lead generation and sales -- something to drive new leads in the door. So engaging your target audience is...

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How to Create a Keyword Strategy for SEO

A keyword strategy is a wonderful way to organize your search marketing activities. We advise that every company starts with a documented strategy before getting too far with content writing or anything else. Google’s market share in 2017 was 75% of all keyword inquiries, according to Smart...

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7 Common SEO Mistakes That Website Designers Make

Launching a new website for a business can be a hectic period with competing stakeholder agendas. Within this launch period, it’s important to remember to focus on performance goals. SEO should be included as part of these goals. Based on our observations, we continue to see the same mistakes occur...

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The seven most effective account-based marketing activities

As your marketing efforts become more complex, they can also become more time-consuming. One of the reasons some organizations remain loyal to an ineffective sales approach is because making the leap to an inbound marketing, account-based marketing, and agile marketing methodologies takes...

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SEO Is Driven By Quality Content That Users Love

The challenge of striking a balance between your SEO goals and user experience is nothing new for marketers, but in recent years, the balance has shifted. Instead of considering the needs of robots and algorithms first, content needs to be crafted with the needs of a company’s target prospects in...

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Mistakes Small Businesses Make With SEO

Marketing presents an interesting dilemma for small business owners. There is a tremendous amount of information online for small business owners and managers. But the amount of information can be daunting to absorb and put into practice. As with the case of SEO, many older, outmoded practices are...

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Components of a Strong B2B Marketing Plan

A B2B marketing plan should help teams stay on track, achieve goals, and focus on the right objectives. Though having a marketing plan may seem obvious before starting a campaign, the majority of B2B companies do not have one. 55% of B2B companies do not have a formal marketing plan in place...

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digital marketing

Tips for Transitioning from a Sales to a Marketing Career

As sales tactics shift from cold calls and "Always Be Closing" to newer methodologies such as "inbound" and consultative sales, salespeople might find themselves in the midst of an evolution in the marketplace. We see many salespeople wanting to make a shift in their careers, and marketing may be...

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Marketing Opportunities for B2B IoT Companies

The Internet of Things is reshaping and defining markets, so much so that it has been dubbed “the next Industrial Revolution.”

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