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How to Create a Successful Nonprofit Marketing Plan (In 8 Steps)

The pandemic radically changed how most nonprofits operate. In-person events haven’t picked up to their pre-pandemic levels, and digital marketing has become a more important channel for generating donations and support. A nonprofit marketing plan includes many moving pieces, and digital campaigns...

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How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency That Will Drive Results

Are you wondering how to choose a digital marketing agency? If so, you're not alone. In fact: Companies outsource “between 45 percent and 75 percent of marketing activities" to agencies, according to Accenture. Why is this trend growing? Because the demands on marketers are increasing. Today,...

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B2B Lead Generation: How to Set Measurable Goals

An important part of any lead generation strategy is setting and meeting goals. Lead generation tactics not based on goals cannot result in measurable success. Consequently, marketers may not know whether or not to repeat certain actions. "68% of B2B companies are still struggling with lead...

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Education Website Design Trends Into 2017

Colleges and universities tout their ability to help graduates compete. But higher education institutions are themselves competing in a densely populated market. California alone had 458 higher education institutions in 2015. Yet staying abreast of trends for education website design can help a...

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Web design

8 Website Redesign Questions to Guarantee High Performance

A website redesign is a great opportunity to refresh your online presence. But don't think of a website redesign as a design task. Instead, you should start with marketing strategy and with data. During and after a redesign, you should be adding to your website, A/B testing, and mining data for new...

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IoT Marketing Strategy and How to Understand the IoT Buyer

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly becoming a reality. In fact, Cisco estimates that there will be 500 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2030 (compared to 15 billion today). The IoT is growing 2X year-over-year. — Cisco With this growth, opportunities abound. But providers need to...

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4 Ways HubSpot Workflows Will Nurture Your Leads Better

HubSpot is an incredible tool for lead nurturing. But few marketers know how to use HubSpot workflows to their full capabilities. Why not use all the tools in your toolkit? Here, we'll show you the best ways to improve your lead nurturing campaigns with HubSpot workflows. Businesses that use...

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Using Inbound Marketing to Drive Nonprofit Donations

More nonprofits are using inbound marketing to drive nonprofit donations than ever before. Yet only 26% of nonprofit organizations at a sophisticated/mature level of content marketing maturity, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) 2016 Nonprofit report. The majority are in the early...

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Lead Generation

Closed Loop Marketing Tactics for Nonprofits

Closed loop marketing aligns marketing and sales to share information and insights in a closed feedback loop. But it's not just a tactic for B2B marketing teams: For nonprofits, closed loop marketing can generate leads and raise donations thanks to data-driven decisions. This blog post outlines...

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Website Metrics That are Critical to Sales Growth (And Measuring Website ROI)

According to a Statista report, 92% of SMEs consider their own websites to be the most effective digital marketing tactic. But which website metrics are these SMEs monitoring— and do they really indicate sales growth? To tackle this question, we'll cover the 4major website metrics you should be...

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