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How to create B2B buyer personas

What is a buyer persona? Personas for marketing Why are buyer personas important to B2B marketing? Many marketing teams ignore the small planning tasks for creating B2B marketing campaigns. One of those often-ignored steps is the creation of buyer personas. Although missing this step may not be...

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Customer Engagement and 5 Ways to Evaluate its Effectiveness

The need for a well thought out, multi-channel Customer Engagement is more important now than at any time in our marketing history. Why? Because there have never been so many channels in which it's the customer that dictates the conversation, not the brand. Gone are the days when a 30 second...

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User Experience. Testing Tips to Make Sure Users Embrace Your App.

The best applications and websites are the ones users truly enjoy using. But ensuring users do so takes continual testing, refinement and more testing. Here are some tips to make the testing process as thorough as possible. Embrace Paper Testing - Once you’ve defined which tasks should be tested,...

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Behavioral insights for marketing teams

WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? Presently, marketing teams & analytical groups have focused on aggregated data such as views, visitors, and time spent on site to help drive their initiatives. Although these variables are important at a high level, a more in depth look and research into key performance...

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Audience segmentation tools for building a better marketing strategy

When designing a marketing plan, defining your target user profiles is key. An audience can be comprised of unique and definable segments based on their online behavior. One example of a tool for audience segmentation analysis is Forrester's Social Technographics data that classifies consumers into...

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Search and social alerts to improve marketing strategy

Alerts are essentially a reverse search engine retrieval process. A web user creates an alert focusing on a keyword or keyphrase, and as the web crawler finds instances of that keyword, a notification is sent. Most alert systems only create a notification if the finding is new or matches a preset...

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Common KPIs and metrics for analyzing website performance

As an analyst spends time with data for a particular website, new and more complex insights will "jump out." If you care about web performance, spend time with the data to better understand potential trends and opportunities. Web performance insights can be vital for website owners, managers or a...

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Value of audience segmentation for marketing

Both B2B and B2C marketing can benefit from audience segmentation for analytics reporting. Market segmentation is exactly the opposite mentality from mass marketing. In mass marketing, an agency would send the same email or message to a large group, and segmentation allows for targeting smaller...

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5 Lifesaving Google Analytics Advanced Segments

Advanced segmenting of Google Analytics, at its most base function, allows for the isolation and analysis of specific kinds of data. Utilizing advanced segments allows for the freedom to create and select redefined segments such as “Visits with Mailing List Sign Ups” or “Paid Traffic" to better...

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Defining B2B marketing lead segments

Defining customer/client segments and profiles is a vital part of the B2B marketing planning process. These segments are based on the differences in your customer base and can be used to create and define content strategy and messaging. For example, customer segmentation can take shape as email...

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Marketing Opportunities for B2B IoT Companies

The Internet of Things is reshaping and defining markets, so much so that it has been dubbed “the next Industrial Revolution.”

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