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Internet of Things Market Statistics - 2016

Researchers usually undermine hype. Yet, recent studies weighing the potential impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) are consistently feeding the excitement. Before we get into the numbers — and there are many to share — here’s a quick primer on what we mean when we say Internet of Things. The...

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Generate B2B Sales: Techniques to Build Stronger Relationships and Close More Deals

The key to selling anything is to gain trust and build tight relationships. The stakes are much higher in a B2B context because the customers are often thinking about long-term solutions to make their businesses more efficient. Therefore, to be successful, you must build strong relationships with...

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Ready to Launch? A Marketing Checklist for New Product Launches

A Simple Marketing Checklist for New Product Launches Marketing requires a mix of smart, goal-driven strategy and data-driven, adaptive execution. Having a solid plan in place prior to your marketing product or offer launch can yield far better results than well-executed marketing materials with no...

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What Is the Zero Moment of Truth?

Marketers have traditionally focused on three steps in the buying process, but with the advent of the web, a forth stage has emerged as a significant influencer on the buying process. In the first step, known as "stimulus," potential customers are prompted to seek out a product, usually by...

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What is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring involves separating high-quality leads that are almost ready to buy from leads that either aren’t yet ready to make a purchasing decision or will never become customers. Only the high-quality leads are sent to sales, ensuring that the sales team only invests their limited time and...

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8 Benefits of Google Tag Manager

Seeing as the marketing world is a buzz with talk of Google Tag Manager, or GTM, we’ve created the following resource to summarize what GTM Is, why it’s important, and the eight key benefits it offers to your organization. What is Google Tag Manager? Google Tag Manager is a free tool that...

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Web design

Web Design Statistics For 2015

Statistics relevant to web design planning in 2015 Editor's note: You can view the up-to-date article, Web Design Statistics for 2017, here. This article features a collection of statistics relevant to the field of web design in 2015. We looked for statistics from surveys, studies, and industry...

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Internet of Things Market Statistics - 2015

The internet of things is already upon us. To be convinced of this, all one has to do is visit an Apple Store and browse the connected home section to see IoT permutations made for consumer play. The internet of things is simultaneously hyper-local and global, and its implications for business are...

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The value of dark social channels for marketing

Dark social channels may have more of an influence on your prospective buyers that you might imagine. These traditionally hidden spots carry great influence and sometimes live in the gaps of what marketing and social analytics tools are able to track. Dark social channels are forms of social...

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Successful Data Analysis

Amassing a large amount of data shouldn’t just be the goal of digital marketing programs or campaigns – analyzing that data is a large part of the online marketing field. Unfortunately, 37 percent of companies that took part in a survey regarding online marketing revealed that they are in desperate...

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