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How to Get a Job in Marketing Without a Degree

Searching for a job in the marketing industry when you don’t have a degree in marketing can be discouraging, but getting a job without a degree is entirely possible. The industry is changing, and a traditional degree may not be necessary for all positions. Marketing has become a digital-focused,...

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digital marketing

Why Do My Leads Suck? Your Lead Nurturing Isn’t Effective

By Chantel Hall, Marketing Content Specialist, and Lauren Lyons, Senior Analyst and Research Writer The crucial step between attracting a lead and closing a deal is often misunderstood or ignored altogether: lead nurturing. Educating and connecting with leads while they’re still in the research and...

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Lead Generation

Why Do My Leads Suck, and What Can I Do?

By Chantel Hall, Marketing Content Specialist, and Lauren Lyons, Senior Analyst and Research Writer Most salespeople are all too familiar with the experience of spending time working a lead only to realize they’re not a good fit. Their budget might be too small, their business might be the wrong...

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content marketing

Traditional Marketing Plans vs. Agile Marketing: Which Works Better?

By Chantel Hall, Marketing Content Specialist Agile software development is a popular methodology that prioritizes high-value features, frequent releases, and continual improvement over long development periods and full-scale releases. This methodology allows developers to quickly push their...

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What is the Difference Between a Marketing Plan and a Strategy?

By Chantel Hall, Marketing Content Specialist You may have seen the phrases “marketing strategy” and “marketing plan” used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two different essential marketing tools. Understanding the differences between a marketing plan and a marketing strategy will make...

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Is Blogging Good for Your Organization?

By Chantel Hall, Marketing Content Specialist One of the most common pieces of content marketing advice given to businesses is to commit to consistent blogging - and for a good reason. It's an essential marketing activity for building awareness of your brand, educating your target market, and...

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How to Create a Great Thank You Email after a Webinar

By Ross Lancaster, Content Specialist B2B professionals who once relied on in-person sales and marketing were forced to go fully digital for long periods when the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in early 2020. One effect of that digital shift that continues in 2021 despite the return of some in-person...

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Key Skills for a B2B Marketing Career

Skilled B2B marketers are in high demand, but the critical skills needed to perform as a competitive marketer change continuously. A study by Monster found that 82% of global respondents planned to hire in 2021. With the increasing availability of data, marketers have to evolve how they plan and...

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B2B Sales Middle of the Funnel Content Checklist

B2B companies use terms such as "sales funnel," "buyer's journey," or "buyer's lifecycle" to discuss how a potential client goes from a prospect (or someone who knows nothing about the B2B company) to someone who purchases the product or service. No matter which term you use, content plays a...

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Lead Generation

Content Marketing Ideas and Workflows for Software Companies

By Ross Lancaster, Content Specialist. Software companies do not necessarily need to create brand new content. When thinking about building out a content marketing strategy, keep in mind that repurposing content is an excellent tactic. It can also be a challenge to think about different types of...

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