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B2B Marketing Myths to Drop This Year

B2B marketing is a constantly changing game, and everyone has something to say about best practices. You can read thousands of blog posts about tips, listen to podcasts and webinars, and attend conferences for the latest industry news. But while it's important to stay up-to-date with the changing...

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HubSpot vs MailChimp: Is HubSpot Really Worth the Money?

As with any large purchase, it’s easy to take the price tag as the most important factor when deciding if the expense is worthwhile. But transitioning from Mailchimp to Hubspot is not just a question of money but also the vision and execution of your overall marketing efforts. Teams that are...

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The 3 Biggest Mistakes B2B Marketers Make with Lead Nurturing Emails

Author: Nikki Pacitti B2B email marketing is an effective tool for improving lead to sales conversion rates, and lead nurturing improves buyer readiness by sending targeted communications to different audience segments. When companies understand how to effectively nurture marketing leads to sales...

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SEO vs. SEM: What’s the Difference?

Simply speaking, SEO (search engine optimization) refers to improving your website for the purpose of generating organic traffic once people search for keywords in search engines like Google and Bing. On the other hand, SEM (search engine marketing) generally refers to the wider practice of using...

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What is a Qualified Lead? How to Set Criteria

At some point in an advanced lead generation strategy, you will come across the question: What is a qualified lead? A qualified lead is someone who could become a potential customer to you based on criteria and identifying information that they have freely provided. It’s important to note two...

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Digital Marketing Funnel: B2B Strategies for 2019

Digital marketing in 2018 was defined by several major trends — there was more targeting, more technology and automation, and of course more concern about privacy as spurred by GDPR. B2B marketers moving into 2019 should know some critical things about the digital marketing funnel that will change....

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Behavioral Targeting Examples for a Strong B2B Campaign

You may be familiar with behavioral targeting for consumer brands — you see it in action every time you search for a product online and see that product “chase” you around the web in different advertising slots. This can make you more likely to buy products by showing you relevant items that are...

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Web design

6 Amazing Benefits of Agile Website Design

Agile projects are three times more likely to succeed than projects managed with traditional methods. –Vitality Chicago   Agile website design is the method of launching a lean version of your company’s website, then making software and content improvements over time. Instead of one big launch that...

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Must-Have B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2019

Did you meet your lead generation goals for 2018? Whether you were right on, above, or just below the bar, 2019 can be a year of even greater growth. You may need to get back to basics while also trying out some new strategies. The key this year is relevance and targeting, even more so than in the...

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The Complete Guide to Structuring Effective Blog Posts

By Justin Champion Think back to the last blog post you read. Did you skim through it as opposed to reading it because the introduction didn’t keep your attention? Did the content seem to ramble as opposed to getting to the point in a helpful and practical way? Were you unable to find a helpful...

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