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22 Nonprofit Digital Stats That Matter

The need for nonprofits to have a digital presence may seem obvious. Yet, according to the Nonprofit Research Collaborative, in 2015 only 49% of their respondents were using social media to...


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Lead generation tips for IT service companies

Judging by Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority of Information Technology (IT) service companies are small (10 - 99 workers) or even micro-sized establishments.  Yet, the demands for...


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Facebook Marketing Stats and Trends

Facebook this year announced it is putting drones and satellites in the air over developing countries to help bring its social network to new populations. After all, in the US, its saturation is...


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Top Social Media Advertising Trends

Globally, social media marketing accounts for 13% of today’s digital ad market at about $26.4 billion US. Defining Social Media Advertising Social media advertising leverages the network newsfeed to...


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Small Business Marketing Trends

Small business owners juggle many jobs in keeping their businesses afloat. One of these is often marketing. A review of small business marketing trends indicates nearly half (47 percent) of small...


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B2B Marketing Statistics and Trends

B2B marketing statistics and trends illustrate the global B2B marketing industry is still going strong. It's predicted to grow annually through 2018. Digital in particular will continue to garner...


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Digital Marketing Spending Trends in the US and Globally

Digital marketing spending trends in the US and globally offer valuable insight into the industry today. One encouraging finding is Forrester Research’s forecast that digital marketing spending will...


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5 steps for growing nonprofit email lists

Email marketing can be a critical tactic for nonprofit communication efforts, yet maintaining useful, segmented and active email marketing lists can be challenging. Even the best lists suffer annual...


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Marketing Tips for Enterprise Software Companies

There is growing demand for software and cloud services, such as file sharing, online backup, storage, payroll, HR, accounting softwares, and more. The opportunities for enterprise software...


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Why is Customer Retention Important?

The 20% of your customer base that are loyal customers drive an additional 80% of business. — Gartner With all the attention paid to lead generation and sales nurturing, it is easy to lose sight of...



Marketing Opportunities for B2B IoT Companies

The Internet of Things is reshaping and defining markets, so much so that it has been dubbed “the next Industrial Revolution.”

Download our comprehensive guide on the opportunities, challenges, and best practices for IoT solution providers in the B2B space.


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