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12 Digital Marketing Trends for B2B Technology Companies

Just as technology continuously evolves, so does digital marketing for B2B technology companies. That's why SaaS, IT, and tech marketers must stay informed about demand and lead generation trends and how to convert prospects into sales opportunities. Here are a dozen trends we're seeing and...

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5 Demand Generation Best Practices for IT Service Companies

The IT services industry must grapple with growing competition. From other providers to the evolving self-help SaaS industry, competitors come in all shapes and sizes. There is also enormous opportunity in the IT services industry. Gartner predicts that worldwide IT spending will grow 6.2% in 2021....

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Blogging for B2B lead generation marketing

Through the use of blogs, your business can attract prospects and leads, which ultimately allows your business to grow. Blogging promotes a more focused way of targeting your prospect's issues and concerns. This approach to blogging aligns with the overall core concept of inbound B2B marketing....

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Video Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies

There is a misconception that video content needs to be a flashy production filled with impressive b-roll footage, custom graphics, and shot on an expensive studio camera. That’s why you might be surprised to know that videos are something you have the tools to create already. In fact, you’re...

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My Google Rankings Dropped — What Now?

Have your Google rankings dropped suddenly, or perhaps gradually over time but you are noticing it for the first time now? This can be a serious offense for your website performance and business, especially if you are reliant on organic search marketing for new leads. It’s important that you...

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5 Reasons Content Creators Should Be Looking At Analytics

Content creators might not be in the habit of mining the wealth of analytical data to find clues as to what kind of content they should be planning to write or how well existing content impacts their bottom line. But these numbers, when taken from the right places, tell the story of how your...

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Using Content in the Sales Process

Tips For Using Content in the Sales Process Successfully We feel that content is just as important in the sales process as it is in marketing. Content in the sales process is an excellent way to nurture prospects down the funnel to eventually become clients. Sales tactics have changed recently, as...

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Lead Generation

Inbound Marketing Tips for Building Donor Retention

Acquiring donors and driving new donations may be the top mission of non-profit organizations. But a close second should be donor retention. Over the last ten years, donor and gift or dollar retention rates have been consistently weak — averaging below 50 percent, according to the Association of...

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How to Optimize a Blog: The Blog Optimization Checklist

Blog optimization is key to maintaining consistent traffic and engaging readers. Instead of simply posting and moving on, businesses should take time to optimize each post to ensure user satisfaction. It’s not just new posts that need optimization; older blog posts too should be revisited to ensure...

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How to Improve a Blog's Conversion Rate

Building a cadence of publishing with a company blog is only half the battle. Share your blog content on LinkedIn and other platforms where your tech buyers are interacting. Writing and posting quality content is important, but getting people to see the content and then convert is even more...

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Marketing Opportunities for B2B IoT Companies

The Internet of Things is reshaping and defining markets, so much so that it has been dubbed “the next Industrial Revolution.”

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